Thursday, March 06, 2008

Greg Whitlock and Jim Hemby

Thursday, March 6th, 2008:
Sunny and 50's, Water Temp 45* to 54* and clear.
Got out a couple of hours before daylight and set out two lights to lure Herring. After working both lights for an hour and a half I realized the bait wasn't coming to the lights so I got on my big motor and found a school to throw on and caught 75 . Picked Greg up at 6am and set up on a nearby flat pulling 8 Planner boards , a bobber and a downline. I didn't get the baits out before we had two hits, catching one and missing one. I played catch up for the next hour trying to keep baits in the water. I was out today checking different places that I have not fished yet this year looking for places to take my clients to get out of the wind this weekend. I knew the fish were here so I left them while they were still biting and moved on. We looked deep for awhile then set up on another 20 foot flat and pulled it for 1/2 hour without putting a keeper in the boat and decided to move on. We hit the backs of a couple creeks and put fish in the boat and kept moving. Fished some very deep flats with downlines also with little success. We could have probably caught well over 20 fish today but I left the areas for my clients. We kept 8 of the 12 Stripers we boated and had some fun . Greg works for Louisa Boat and Motors and needed a break from work today. I think he will sleep well tonight.

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