Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blaine Lampton, Paul Maples, Doug Empson and Don 'fingers' Empson

April 29th, 2008: Rain, Sunny, Cloudy, Cold and Windy. Water Temp 67* and Clear.
Picked clients up at High Point at 5:30 and went and caught bait up lake. Threw for about an hour and a half then set up on a ridge mid lake pulling boards , bobber and down lines. Saw a lot of fish 20 to 30 feet deep but they would not hit the downlines. Some blew up on the boards. I knew it would be a long day after pulling 200 yards, seeing all those fish and only getting 3 or 4 hits. We continued to pull the ridge back and forth till the fish left putting a half a dozen fish in the boat. We went and caught more bait and set up on a up lake flat in 10 feet of water and worked it and some channel points with limited success so we moved again and tried working a large school in 28 feet of water but they would not bite. I left them and looked for broken up bait for awhile and found what I wanted on a 20 foot flat and set out the boards again. The weather hassled us all day with wind and rain but we finally got into a few fish. Doug caught the big fish of the day, a 12 3/4 p0under there with a couple other nice fish. Fingers decided to let a nice one go later on in the day and we also had a Monster Striper blow one of our baits out of the water on that spot. We had 25 strikes today with clients keeping 11 Stripers, releasing a Bass, Catfish and an Osprey that hit our bait with his talon.

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