Friday, April 04, 2008

Paul Henon and George Hussey

April 4th, 2008 : Cloudy and Windy, Water Temp 53 * and Clear.
Picked clients up around 6 am and went and caught bait. Set up on some main lake points with 10 Planner boards, a bobber and a couple down lines. I had just engaged my last reel in deploying my baits when the board closest to the bank went off in about 3 feet of water. George grabbed the rod a reeled it in, a 23 inch 7 pound Citaition Bass. Not a bad way to start the day! Before he got the fish in another rod went off and Paul hauled in a nice Striper. While taking it off the hook another line went off and then another. We got these fish in and I had just got all the baits out again when we came up on the next point. The outer-most board went off and George grabbed it. Now he is a seasoned veteran when it comes to fishing and after a minute of fighting the fish he mumbled " I think this is a real nice fish". He was right, we got it on board and measured it, it was a 34" fat cow! We popped a picture and George said " I want to release the fish" so we put it back into the lake to be caught another day. While we were doing this Paul reeled in another fish. We had a couple of downlines out and they were getting plenty of action but I was running out of bait and could not put more out quick enough. A downline went off and Paul grabbed it , the drag screeemed of the reel and pulled off about 50 yards before Paul could turn the fish. While he was wrestling his fish in another hog grabbed a bait and George fought it. We got Paul's fish in and it was a 35 " Striper [at the end of the day we weighed it, 19 1/4 pounds.] George was still fighting his hog and 'POP' , the fish rolled and gilled the line and broke off. We had to go catch more bait but the fish never turned on quite as good as the bite was this morning. By the end of the trip we caught 11 Stripers, 2 - 9 pounders, 2 - 10 pounders , and 2 -19 pounders. Ended up being a great day, sure missed their good fishing buddy who couldn't make it today, Geo. F. Barbosa.
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Anonymous said...

What a great trip !! Good job. George IS a good fisherman. Would like to hook up with some of the big stripers myself. Maybe this summer we can book a trip.
Captain Joseph Hussey
Captain Lynda Hawkins