Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ron Emery

April 8th, 2008 : Cloudy and cold, Water Temp 54* and Clear. Got out early this morning to catch bait and picked client up about 7:45. Set up on a flat just below 208 bridge and put out a spread of planner boards and a couple downlines. Once we hit the flat a board went off and Ron reeled in the largest Bass he has ever caught, a 22" citation Bass. We had a couple of more hits on the flat and I decided to move. We found a bunch of fish deep in 32 feet of water, put downlines on them and nothing, baits did not even get nervous. I continued to see fish so I put out 6 planner boards along with the 6 downlines we had out and pulled about 2 miles of water for a half dozen strikes. I had enough of this and decided to do something completely different, I went even deeper and found some fish near the bottom in 45 feet of water and put baits in their faces and finally got some action. Ron caught 8 Stripers today and his Bass, He was happy but it made for a long day for me. I was expecting the fish to rock today and they didn't. Ron is pictured with his first Striper of the morning and he released them all to fight another day.

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