Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Robert Hornung and Brian Sharp

April 30th, 2008: Sunny and pleasant, Water Temp 66* and Clear.
Picked clients up at 5:30 am and spent the next 2 hours catching bait. Set up on a main lake flat that I found fish on yesterday and pulled my spread over it. On our first 3 passes we caught fish but they turned off at 9. Appeared to be a early morning bite and we missed most of it catching bait. We moved and set up on a school of fish in 30 feet of water and put downlines on them but only got bumped twice so I relocated to another main lake flat and put out my spread again. Fish were everywhere on the depth finder but just did not want to eat. They are spawning heavily now and are not real interested in eating mid day. We ended up only getting 13 strikes today . The water temp has dropped 8 * in less than a week, it is going to warm right back up and I am sure so will the fishing.

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