Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brian, Joe, Sherrie, Wendel, Steve,William and George

June 19th, 2008: Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temp 81* and Clear. Caught bait early and picked the crew up at 5:30 and went searching for Stripers. Got about 1/2 mile from the dock and hit our first school. Tried bait on them but the fish still were not very hungry this morning. We fished about half the lake today and found over 20 schools of Stripers and most schools looked like the picture of the graph although some were spread out further than others. We fished live bait and also trolled through the schools with everyone catching fish. Although from the looks of the graph today we should have caught 100 Stripers , we caught enough to keep busy and for the guys to enjoy a wonderful family outing. Wendel is pictured holding a Bass caught out of 35 foot of water.

We saw at least a dozen schools of Stripers that looked as good as this or better!

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