Sunday, June 08, 2008

Steve and Greg Smith with Larry Snow and Lee Periard

June 8th, 2008 : Sunny and Hot, Water temp 84* and Clear. Got on the water around 3:15 and caught 225 Herring for my clients and picked them up at their dock at 5:30am. Today we had 3 sets of clients out, My guys, Anthony's crew and Guide John Chadduck had a group out who released their fish. We started out looking for schools and had just set up on some fish when Anthony called on the radio that they already had a third of their limit and to get down and help him with this school of fish. I certainly obliged him and hit the School with 8 downlines rigged with Herring and our action began for the morning. The schools were moving extremely fast today, we would get 15 to 20 hits out of a school then they would move on and so would we. We set up on a dozen such schools catching fish out of all of them. By 11am we had 225 strikes and were out of bait which was a good thing cause the Sunday boat traffic was hitting the lake pretty hard. Greg is pictured holding a Bass he caught. Today we caught about 30 Stripers and a couple of Kitties.

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