Monday, June 02, 2008

Jim Ciulla with friends Amir, Eugene and Michael

June 2nd, 2008: Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temp 78* and Clear.
Got out early and caught Herring and a few Gizz and went to pick the guys up at 5:30 but they were late. Planned on catching more Gizz but the Sun was up and I wanted to pull a flat with boards so we did. Had a few fish boil on the Gizzards and not hook up but once I put downlines out over 25 feet we started catching fish. Caught a couple of Stripers and a lot of Cats and decided to move on. Found 3 or 4 more schools and worked them with no success until I found a school of at least 4 acres of Stripers. We put herring on downlines in their faces and within an hour we had gone through 150 baits without putting a keeper fish in the box! The guys were having fun with the punks and were not happy with my decision to leave the school and go catch more bait. We went and caught 30 Gizzards, went back to where I started the day and put out 4 boards and 9 downlines . We hit a school of fish and had 8 or 10 hits at once and finally put some better fish in the boat. Today we had over 180 strikes , Amir catching two Bass and lost count of how many punks and Catfish we caught. By the way, they liked catching the keeper fish better than the punks.

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