Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Striper Al

February 24th, 2009: Sunny and Cold, Water Temp 42* and clear. Today was the first day of little wind, I couldn't stand it, called a friend at noon and told him to meet me at the lake. We caught some bait and put out a spread of a dozen boards and pulled a creek , not getting started till 4pm. We were distracted by a hen Turkey clucking up on the bank and a Gobbler dogging her gobbling every minute or so strutting his stuff. Didn't get far and fish started messing with our baits but were not very excited about eating them. The last week has been brutal with wind and cold nights [15 degrees this morning]. I noticed the temp gauge said 41* and was worried but we started hooking up finally. This fish is the first fish that we put in the boat. The second fish Al hooked did not want to cooperate and ended up fouling up 5 other lines. After we got them straight we caught more fish and came off the water before dark. Not bad for a couple hours of fishing. I will be on the water the next few days, hopefully if it warms some we will catch some of the big boys!

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