Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vince and Walt

February 25th, 2009: Sunny and Cold, Water Temp 42* and Clear. Didn't get on the water today till after 9 am, Caught bait and went fishing. Set up over a 20' flat pulling a dozen planner boards, a bobber and a couple downlines. An hour later we hadn't been hit, we got them in and moved. Set up where we caught fish yesterday with the same spread, same results. Made another move to the mouth of a creek, put out the same spread, pulled a mile with Walt boating only one nice fish. Made yet another move working a bay with numerous humps in it and scored. On our first pass we put 4 in the boat, turned around and had been busted , another boat started to move in but he was nice enough to yield, we got another 6 or 8 hits before calling it a day. Vince is holding the largest fish of the day. We went 3 hours without a hit midday today, tomorrow I will be on the water at 4:30am.

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