Monday, February 09, 2009

Terry, Bud, Sue and Wade

February 9th, 2009: Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temps 42* to 47* and Clear. Caught bait early and was on the water with a spread of 12 boards and a bobber out by 6:30 am. Pulled an area that I had been catching Stripers in but did not get a strike! Went a couple hundred more yards and put a Striper in the boat. Turned and pulled out of that area and headed across the lake to the north side hoping the warm south winds this weekend had relocated the Stripers to the warmer water. Caught a fish on a downline over 50 feet of water and shortly thereafter popped a couple on boards over deep water. Finally found where the fish had moved, they were spread across a 300 yard 30 foot flat, hugging the bottom. We worked it with downlines and boards with little success. Lately when I see the Stripers like this they are not feeding. We picked up and moved, ran a spread of downlines over a deeper flat picking up 3 punks, didn't like that and moved again. This time I set up in the back of a creek and pulled all the way out, only to catch 1 Striper! Set up again on another deep flat and pulled a spread of 5 downlines, a bobber , and 10 planner boards, working them till we came in. We ended up catching 22 Stripers and 2 Bass. Terry and Wade are pictured holding the Bass. Clients kept 7 fish and all other fish were released alive and Happy.

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