Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walt Weeks and Vincent Sherman

February 10th, 2009: Cloudy and 60*, water Temps 42* to 48* and Clear. Caught bait , picked up the guys and had our spread of 12 Water Bugz planner boards, a bobber and a downline out by 6:40am. At 6:45 we were 75 yards from a hole where I knew some Large Stripers were feeding. As luck would have it, a boat came roaring in, had to cross between us and the point, ran a ground, had to raise its motor to get past the point, ran right in front and over top of where we wanted to fish! To make matters worse, he had at least a half a mile he could have gone behind us, but elected to cut in front of us instead. I told the guys he spooked everything for 500 yards around us and we should pick up and relocate now, but we were so amazed of what just happened we continued to fish. Well, my intuitions were right , didn't hook up for an hour. We kept fishing hitting different areas and at 10:30 decided to change up and try something else. Before we left we did have 3 fish on at a time, a Striper and 2 Bass, all hooked up over 40 feet of water. We moved and pulled a shallow flat for a couple hours with minimal success and decided to move again and work some 20 foot flats. This move paid off, we hooked up every 15 minutes or so, numerous times with doubles. Although we lost count of the Stripers, we caught well over 20 along with 4 Bass and 4 Catfish. The guys only kept 5 Stripers and released all the other fish. Vince is pictured holding a small Bass with interesting coloration and a larger Bass, both caught off the bottom in 40 foot of water.

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