Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Heck of a Day

February 3rd, 2010: Cloudy and Cold, Water Temp 39* mid, 45*downlake.
Yesterday I had a trip canceled and I was bummed out because I thought fishing would be so good so I picked up my grandson[ out of school], called a few friends and set up the trip for today. Got up before 3 knowing this morning may be interesting, and it certainly was. Got stuck in my driveway for 25 minutes, we had about a inch of snow last night, that over top of some ice from earlier last week made it slick. I had to keep the truck in 4 wheel drive all the way to the marina, and by the time I got the boat in the water it was already 6. I hung a couple of lights, headed toward a dock light and ran right up on a sheet of Ice. Backed out of it, went and hit my lights, picked them up and headed for some deep bait. Caught a few and went fishing. All our issues behind us, from here on out it was nothing but bliss. Fishing with Brian, Michael and Walt is so great, we all know our jobs on the boat and we work well together. Brian and I simply enjoy being out and figuring the fish out. Michael is on a mission to catch fish, and Walt dreams fishing so those two do all the reeling while Brian and myself keep the show floating. We kept over a dozen baits in the water this morning, catching fish almost constantly, leaving fish to find fish, and it worked to perfection. We had well over 20 keepers, a dozen punks, caught and released 6 very nice fish [had to keep a 30 incher that would not make it], and kept some to take home for the freezer. Mike is pictured with a few of the nicer ones he caught and Walt is pictured with his largest. It was a wonderful, carefree day, after the mess of getting to the lake we only saw 1 other boat, could fish where we wanted and enjoyed leaving fish to locate others, and it payed off. Brian and I even reeled in a few when the action was rocking.

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