Sunday, February 28, 2010

Robert Bruce with Todd and Bob

Cloudy, Cold and Windy, Water Temperature 44* and Clear.
Since I had trouble catching bait yesterday I was out even earlier today to ensure that we had plenty to fish with. Picked the guys up at 6:15 and went fishing. I warned them before we left the dock that because of the full moon last night and the forecast of wind today the bite would be a decent early bite and last for only a couple hours at most, and that we needed to catch them while we could this morning. I went right to the "juice", explained to them what to expect and how to handle the fish once they hit, and we put the baits out. We actually got all the baits out before we got bit and the morning started out without everything going off at once like it has been recently. The fish gradually started biting better and better until all the guys had fish on at once. By now we were taking a hit about once every 5 minutes, sometimes numerous hits at once. We were having some difficulty getting fish in the boat, our hookup to landing ratio was about 3 to 1, some days it just happens. By about 8:15 the guys were ecstatic with the action but we all had our eyes on a front that was blowing through. The wind kept getting worse, it was becoming more difficult to hold the boat in the wind, and then Rob got punked. We tossed the fish back and I reminded them of what I had said earlier to them, when you release fish back into the school more often than not it will turn the school off, and for the next hour and a half we caught nothing. We took numerous short hit to the tails of the baits but it was over , we all knew it but didn't mind, we had had a great morning. We came off the water around noon, hadn't boated a fish in 3 hours, the wind was howling and I think the guys were low on Beer. Todd is pictured holding the big fish of the morning. As we were getting our pictures back at the marina I heard Rob saying " Today, gas to get back and forth to the lake $15, Chicken $10, Beer $20, Cigarettes $7, Striper Fishing...PRICELESS"
We all agreed, but I still charged them for the trip.

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