Saturday, February 27, 2010

John and Sean Neumann with Jay and Don Goode

After a couple days of wind we were finally able to hit the water again. I picked the guys up at 6:15 and looked for bait. I had been out for 3 hours and had only caught a few, we looked and I threw for another hour and a half and only had a couple dozen baits. I decided to make a quick pull with boards and after 3 fish [2 non keepers] I decided to make a major move. The wind was howling and it was cold but I thought if I could hold the boat in an area I knew had fish we could probably do well. All I could get out was 7 lines but on our first pass everything hooked up. I believe we put 4 out of 7 inn the boat on that pass so I baited up and hit it again and again catching fish steadily until we ran out of bait. We had got on some nice fish, Don actually had a hog on but after a while it simply pulled out of the fishes mouth. Shawn and Don are pictured holding a couple of the fish they caught this morning. We caught over 20 fish and they kept 14 for the table.

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Unknown said...

Nice Job Don!