Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bill with guests Brad and Brian

Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temperature 86* and Clear.
Picked the guys up at 5:45 and went looking for fish. I saw a few so we set up on them, Bill popped a Bass and Brian caught a Catfish, time to move on. Looked for a few more minutes and a friend called and said they were breaking all around him, he was only a couple hundred yards away so I went over to him and set up just to catch 1 Striper [it doesn't take long for the fish to move on]. By now the Saturday fisherman were everywhere so I made a move to where we did not see any boats and found a nice school. We had only gotten a couple of lines out before they started hitting. Brad hooked into a nice one that broke off, Bill and Brian landed a few then a nice one hooked up that Brain grabbed, he got it to the boat but Bill tried to lift it over the side of the boat, yea, the line broke. Brian hooked up on a couple more and the guys up front lost a couple more before we lost the school. I looked for the school for 20 minutes with no success so I moved on to another area. I found another school of very nice fish in less than 10 minutes. We tried to get baits in the water but again rods were bending over before we could get all the baits out. We caught 3 or 4 out of that school but lost 5 or 6 more that had the rod tips buried in the water. The best thing that happened on that school was that Brad got that monkey off his back and caught the nice Striper he is holding with his son. We worked one more school before the action died, it was after 10 and the boat traffic was rocking. Bill is pictured with his largest fish of the day, after catching it he ragged on Brads fish the rest of the morning. Today we had 20 solid hookups, we had a little trouble getting some in the boat but overall it was a great morning. Bill was happy with the catch, 9 fish was all he wanted to clean this morning.

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