Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jonathan and Gerry

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 90* and Clear.
Caught bait early and picked my guys up at 5:30 at High Point. I instructed the guys on how to put the baits out and hit the water. They were suppose to have 4 people this morning so I told them they may have their hands full if we find large schools this morning. Found some fish and set up on them and worked them for about 30 minutes without boating a fish, just short hits. I kept moving and hit a large school of fish, everything went off. The guys found out real quick what I meant earlier about not having enough people to handle the action. We eventually lost the school because we could not keep enough baits in the water to hold the school. I got back on the big motor and found another school. We set out 6 baits but I had temporarily lost the school so we held off on putting out the other 6 baits till I could relocate the fish. Well it didn't take long and all 6 of the rods bent over at once. They wrestled the fish to the boat, I netted the fish and they were done. It was 7:10 and we were limited out. As soon as we caught our last fish Stripers came up around the boat busting Herring on the surface, all we could do was watch the show.

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