Thursday, August 05, 2010

Josiah, David, Mike and Jacob

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 86* and Clear.
Caught bait, picked up my crew at 5:30 and went looking for fish. Set up on a couple of fish just to show everyone how to put the baits out. Made a move and set up on a pod of fish but they moved before we got the baits all out. Jacob caught his first Striper there [shown in picture] but I had to move to find a school. As I was looking a friend called on the phone and asked if I had seen anything, I told him I was looking. He said some fish had been breaking nearby him, he though it was a decent school so I made the 2 minute run to his location. I looked in the area where he was but did not see enough to stop on but I did see numerous arches about 10 feet deep when I was running about 30 MPH. I decided to set up nearby and kept on my trolling motor to see if we could intercept a school. We never did find a school but we had constant action till about 8:45 when a boater pulled up about 25 yards from us while we were netting fish and just stayed there with his motor running. Naturally he spooked the fish, we fished for another hour without another keeper fish. Today was a great day, I was excited to put the kids on fish but I believe Dad and Grand Dad were more excited than the kids. Josiah hooked two Bass at once on a lure [pictured above] and is shown holding one of the bass. They are having a fish fry tonight, I don't think anyone will go hungry.

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We had a great time fishing yesterday. The boys loved catching all those fish. They will have good memories of this time. We had a great fish fry. Some of the fish we fried in a beer batter and some we baked. Both were great!

Thanks again,