Friday, August 13, 2010

John Reifenberg and Family

Cloudy and Pleasant, Water temperature 88* and clear.
I was a little concerned this morning after the front blew through yesterday if the fish would school well. Immediately I found fish this morning, although they were not in large schools I thought if they wanted to eat there were plenty to catch. We popped one pretty quick but pulled the area for another half hour without catching anymore so I went looking for fish. We set up 4 or 5 times on similar pods of fish but I could not find the larger schools. It was very cloudy and I knew the fish would not pull off the flats to deeper water without sun. After a while I decided to keep on the big motor till I found a large school. I located 100 yards of stacked up Stripers and we set our baits out on them. It didn't take long before the rods started bending over. We had all the action we could handle for about 15 minutes before we ran out of decent bait. John took home 9 Stripers this morning for the table.

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