Monday, November 15, 2010

Ron Spurgon and guests

Sunny morning turning cloudy in the afternoon, Water Temperature 57*and clear.
Pick my clients up at 5 and went to catch bait. Caught bait and set up on a long shallow flat pulling boards. Stripers were up on the flat but were not feeding well, we had numerous swirls but only caught 2 Stripers so I decided to put out my whole spread of boards and downlines. I had out 25 baits at once and pulled them the rest of the day working 10 to 30 foot flats. I was hoping for the fish to hit either the downlines or the boards separately but we had equal hits on both. Our best hookup came on a board, the fish pulled drag for about 10 seconds. We were unable to turn the fish before someone touched the line and the fish got off. Today we caught 12 fish and had a good time on the water.

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