Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Senior, Merdad, Jeff and Hamid

Got out early and caught herring, picked the guys up and went and caught some Gizz. Put out a spread of 8 Water Bugz planner boards, a bobber, a free line and 8 downlines covering the water column from top to bottom. Right when we came up on the edge of a flat 3 of the board baits got nervous and one of them took a hit. Senior reeled the first Striper in. I was hoping for a good board bite so I pulled the whole flat from inside to outside ledges without another hit. I gradually worked my way deeper till I saw some fish on my Lowrance. Pictured above is the boat in 36 feet of water with the right side of the graph showing the Striper arches. Our bait is the horizontal line at 24 feet starting on the left side of the sonar then it gets hit. You can actually see the fish on the right side of the screen swimming up with the bait. The left side of my screen is Structure Scan, the boat is between the 2 vertical lines and the smaller vertical dashes between 20 and 30 feet are Stripers out to the side of the boat. The wider lines at 36 feet is the bottom of the lake. I snapped this picture while the guys fought two Stripers to the boat. You can also see the water temperature was 58* and by the photograph it was a Bluebird ski today. The Stripers weren't the only thing to get hooked up today, Senior got a treble hook buried in his thumb while taking a fish off for his good buddy Jeff.

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