Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marc Ayscue of Ferguson Ent. with guests David Dahl [Navien], Brock, David and Mike

I got on the water at 5 to catch bait then picked the guys up at 6:30 and headed to the fishing grounds. I stopped on the way to catch a dozen Gizz then proceeded to an area where I thought I could fish without being bothered by other boats. I set out a spread of boards, freelines and a bobber pulling flats with humps and points nearby. We took a few hits on the Gizz but did not hook up. I thought the fish would feed today with it being cloudy but was concerned about the short hits. I was running equal amounts of both baits but most of our hits were coming on the Gizz. After boating a few fish we ran low on Gizzards so we went and caught more and set out the spread again. I was more confident now that we could catch fish with big fresh baits and it didn't take long before the guys faces lit up with smiles. A couple times today we would have a 30 minute period where we would not get hit but those times were always when boats would run nearby where we were fishing. We actually had a Bass boat run back and forth through where we were fishing 6 times, then he stopped and fished for 10 minutes then ran out of the area. We had over 50 hookups today, and caught plenty of Stripers. At one point I believe the guys were having a contest of who could miss more fish, but all of us knew Dave was the undisputed champ at that. We all had a lot of fun today, now some of these plumbers need to get back out to work and buy some water heaters!

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