Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jessie Reid, Tom, Bailey, Dave and Tom

Sunny and Beautiful, Water Temperature 56* and Slightly stained.
Anthony had some clients today that were dying to go out with " Striperholic". They were suppose to meet at the marina at 5:45 but when Anthony got to the marina at 5:15 they were already there and ready to go. Anthony told them to load up and off they went to catch bait. By daylight they had caught the bait and had a spread of boards covering a uplake creek. They caught a couple there and made a move to another location and caught a few more. Anthony decided to make a major move knowing he could put the guys on some nicer fish and the move really paid off. They ended up nailing the fish today, everyone had a ball and the wait to go out with Anthony was worth it. The Stripers have begun to feed up for the fall and I expect the next month will produce some nice catches.
Great catch guys!

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