Thursday, January 06, 2011

A calm day on the Lake

Sunny and Cold, Water Temperature 45* and Calm.
Anthony and myself wanted to fish together today so we planned a day on the water taking a friend out in the morning, dropping him off at noon then picking up another to fish with us for the afternoon bite. Anthony caught bait, we met Carlos at 7:30 and went scouting for fish. We set up on an area nearby the ramp, we wanted to try places today we thought should hold fish that we haven't fished recently. The first place we pulled resulted in only a couple hits catching punks only. We moved to another area, found a school of fish and pulled 15 baits through them only to get about a dozen short hits. We then knew the fish were not feeding but we continued to fish. We hit one area where we took 7 hits and boated a couple fish, only 1 would keep. We dropped Carlos off, picked up Ed and Wilson, caught some more bait and pulled a deep area where we hoped fish would be. After working a half mile stretch we hit a point where we took a few hits and boated a fish. About 100 yards further we saw fish on the Lowrance and popped a few fish off of a ledge. Numerous boats were watching us so we decided to leave the area before they saw us catching fish. We then set up in a creek and pulled out to the main lake working flats and humps. As soon as we got our spread out we took 4 hits on boards on the port side of the boat and hooked up with 2 very nice Bass. Wilson is shown holding a citation Bass along with the other Bass that hit at the same time. We released the fish and worked a nearby hump for the rest of the evening until other inconsiderate boaters ran over the spot spooking the school. [It is still hard to believe what compels boaters to run over where anglers are set up fishing instead of giving the anglers a wide birth avoiding the area as much as possible]. Guess what, when it is calm out, winter time with little boat traffic and a boat runs over a 10 foot flat, it turns the fish off! A better choice wold be to avoid fisherman as far away as you can, especially when the lake is a half mile wide where the fisherman is. Anyway we had caught plenty of fish this afternoon, 3 Bass and 12 Stripers, kept a few for the table and took home some good memories of a beautiful Lake Anna.

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