Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tim, Lovee, NATHAN and Animal

Partly Sunny, Pleasant and Calm, Water Temperature 45* and Clear.
Today is Nathans birthday, he has a tradition of fishing with me on all his birthdays. He brought along with him his best fishing buddies and his Bulgarian Babe, Lovee. Nate is DC fishing fool on You tube, the fishing addict who catches Snakeheads by hand. We all knew we were in for good times today so we simply went fishing and had some fun. We caught bait and fished an area till 10:12, the minute Nate was born, then had a Mimosa as a toast to his life then relocated. We pulled boards for the rest of the day in numerous areas with minimal success, but as you can see in the bottom picture of Nate, who cared! We all knew it was a weekend and no one expected a banner day of fishing but when it was all said and done we did exceptionally well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another awesome day on the lake Jim! Knew the weekend fishing would be tough but we still managed a decent day. Jokes and Laughter as always, thanks for being the man! Can't wait to come back.

Anonymous said...

Great day! Thanks....I'm all choked up.