Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Afternoon

Sunny, Cold and Calm, Water Temperature 45* and Clear.
Realizing it was going to be relatively calm this afternoon Anthony and myself were thinking the same thing, he called me around 1 in the afternoon and said he could leave Richmond and head to my house, I said lets go. We backed the boat into the water at 3:30, located some bait, threw the cast net and loaded the tank. We set up over 20 foot flats pulling a spread of boards, bobber and free lines. We no sooner hit the area where we hoped the fish would be holding when we saw the Stripers on the Lowrance. We hooked up with 3 nice Stripers on one side of the boat, landed them and rebaited. We continued about 100 yards without a hit so I decided to turn around and hit the area again. In the turn the furthest board on the inside hooked up, Anthony reeled it in but it had already tangled up 4 other boards. We netted the fish, untangled the mess and got the baits back out before we hit the juice. Good thing, next thing we knew we had fish hooked up for the next 45 minuted till we just couldn't see well enough to put the boards out. I snapped a picture of Anthony holding one of the fish we caught when we weren't busy reeling in fish. We didn't take a stringer picture because we released all the fish we caught this afternoon. We caught over a dozen Stripers in a a 2 hour time frame, all of the fish better quality than the fish we have been catching the last month. Tis the season for the larger fish to start feeding.

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