Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Tony and Joe

Cloudy and Cold, Water Temperature 44* and Clear.
The wind was light today so I called a couple of friends to go look for fish. We met at High Point at lunch time and headed out looking for bait. There was plenty around the marina so we caught bait and looked for fish. I saw a few fish over 30 feet of water between 13 and 20 feet deep so I idled a couple hundred yards past them , turned around and set out a spread of 12 boards, a bobber and a few free lines. Before we got the lines out we started taking hits. Joe reeled in a 5 pounder then Tony lost a couple. We went a few hundred yards and went over 40 yards of fish but only got 1 taker, Joe reeled it in and Tony lost a couple more fish. We hit a main lake point and 3 more lines went off, Joe reeled in a keeper and Tony lost a couple more. I decided to get the baits in and check out another area but saw no fish there. We ended up setting up our spread and pulled flats till dark, Joe catching fish all the way and Tony loosing fish. Just about dark a nice fish hooked up and I told Tony to grab the rod. He did and landed the fish, although he took out the whole side of boards. It was great to get out this afternoon with friends and fish different areas of the lake. Joe and I had fun with Tony, we gave him a lot of grief but it wasn't quite as bad as I make it sound. Tony is a great fun loving guy and we had plenty of laughs. The guys are pictured in my boat shed holding a few of the fish we caught this afternoon. We released a bunch more to fight again another day.

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