Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A interesting afternoon...

Sunny, 50* and Clear, No wind [Yea].. Water Temperatures 49* up lake, 46* mid lake.
All of my bunks on my trailer had rotted so Tony and I got some pressure treated wood and carpet, made the bunks and headed to the lake to drop the boat in the water while we replaced the bunks. The lake was dead calm as we worked on the trailer, unlike most of the previous week. It took us about 45 minutes to complete our project. We must have both been thinking the same thing, we threw our tools back in the truck, picked up some extra jackets out of the truck and jumped in the boat. It was 2:30 giving us time to catch bait and fish for a couple hours. It took us about an hour to catch bait leaving us enough time to try two spots. We set out our spread of boards and pulled about a mile stretch of humps and flats. We took 8 or 10 hits but boated only 2 keeper Stripers. The sky was getting cloudy so we decided to make a move to pull boards over very shallow waters hoping the fish would take advantage of the low light conditions of the evening. I put the outer most boards right up on the bank and had been working a bank when I noticed a jon boat trolling nearby us get hung up in about 8 feet of water. As he backed up to retrieve his rig I told Tony this guy has to been an idiot trolling in such shallow water. After he got this bait back in the boat they ran their boat using the big motor 80 yards in front of us and proceeded to do doughnuts in front of us casting umbrella rigs around them as they ran their motor????? I am working a 500 yard bank, no other boats around, this guy has to pull directly in front of me in 6 to 8 foot of water next to the bank and spook any fish that might be there!!! I wanted to ask him did he intentionally want to ruin the last 30 minutes of my day by cutting in front of us spooking the fish or was he just a plain idiot but he didn't give me a chance. Just when I walked up to the front of my boat to yell at him [his motor still running] he took off, ran across the lake and cut off other fisherman working the other bank. Needless to say he did ruin the best time of the evening not only for us but the other fisherman also. We reluctantly emptied the baitwell and got our lines in. A beautiful nice calm evening was not completely upset by this discourteous boater, we had caught a dozen Stripers and had a nice stringer of fish.

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