Friday, February 11, 2011

Karl and Mahmud

Sunny and COLD, Water temperature 45* and Clear.
Got up this morning , looked at the thermometer which read 13*, put plenty of clothes on and went to the lake. Met the guys , caught bait and went fishing. With the weather the way it has been for the last couple of days I decided to work a deep flat first this morning. After fishing it for a few hours catching only a couple of kitties we made a move uplake pulling flats and humps. Still without having much success I made a move back downlake by the current. We popped 13 Stripers in less than an hour. Although it was brutally cold this morning we ended up catching 18 fish today, not too bad of an outing. Can't wait for the weather to warm next week, it will be interesting.......

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It was great a pleasure to fish with you. You are the most knowledgeable Lake Anna person we know. Thanks for the memorable experience. Mahmud