Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The calm before the Storm

Cloudy and Cold, Water Temperature 44* and Clear.
I was sitting at home watching the news this morning waiting for the weather to come on. On Good Morning America they showed a picture of the US and this "Historical Storm" that was encompassing the continent. Our forecast was to only get rain and wind for this area but a lot of the states were getting pounded with bad weather. With a storm of this magnitude rolling in I wanted to slip out this afternoon and see if the fish would bite so I called a friend Tony and asked him if he wanted to go. His response was "Hell Ya'', so we left my house at 11:30 and headed for the lake. We put in at High Point, caught bait and hit a flat downlake. After pulling it for 15 minutes catching a Bass and only 1 Striper I knew we had to move so we got the baits in and ran across the lake to hit another flat that use to produce nice fish this time of the year but had been letting me down lately. We saw fish on my Lowrance and caught a few punks and a couple keepers but we both thought it was about to break loose. I boated a 8 pounder then next thing we knew boards started skipping across the surface. For the next hour we had at least 2 or 3 fish on at a time, sometimes we could not get to a fish for 3 or 4 minutes because we had our hands full baiting rods and releasing fish. We kept the first 7 keepers and released the rest till Tony caught a really nice one that he wanted to keep. We had just experienced the major feed before the storm hit us, we were ecstatic with our experience and were eager to get off the water before it started pouring. We emptied the bait tank, left biting fish and headed back to the dock. We hit the water around lunch time and were back at the dock taking pictures as the rain started to fall. We caught about 30 Stripers, most of which came in an hour time frame.
A good formula for success...Happy Herring , 15 lines in the water covering a 100 yard swath and a friend who enjoys fishing as much as I do.

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Anonymous said...

glad to see u had a good time
u are the man
take care Jimmie