Friday, February 04, 2011

Ralph and Bob

Cloudy and Cold, Water temperature 45* and Clear.
We caught bait before daylight and went fishing. I had a couple places to try this morning but there was a boat nearby one of the flats so we hit the other. I explained the "do's and don'ts, put some baits in the water and proceeded to catch Stripers. The fish seemed somewhat lethargic at times this morning but I assured the guys that when we hit a school things could change real quick. Less than 10 minutes after making that comment we hooked up to 8 Stripers, all at once. Well if the guys were cold before they surely warmed up quick trying to get as many fish in the boat as they could. I didn't touch a rod, I let them reel everything in, and they did exceptionally well, boating 7 of the 8 Stripers. We worked the area for a little while longer but the fish had moved on. We ended up limiting out by 10 am and got off the water early enough for Bobby to drive back to Md. before the Super Bowl weekend traffic got heavy. Picture is very poor quality, had to take it with my cell phone, my batteries were dead in my camera! The phone did not do the fish justice, there were 3 very nice fish out of the group of 12.

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