Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brian and Eric Nickols

Sunny and Cold, Water temperatures 45* and Clear.
Brian wanted to take his son out today to fish but was more concerned with "learning the ropes" about fishing for Stripers on the lake. He met me before daylight to catch bait then we went fishing. We set up on a fairly shallow flat pulling boards and freelines. I was not too stoked about fishing today with the fronts that have been blowing through daily and it being a poor day to fish if you believe in solunar tables. We started off with Eric jumping on the first rod and landing a nice fish. We pulled another 200 yards without a strike so I turned the boat around, crossed the lake and hit a similar area and caught another fish. I thought I had established a little pattern so I stayed in the general area for a while with little success. We hit some other areas but fishing was SLOW, We only took 6 hits today. The guys did well in landing 5 out of the 6 fish.
I would like to thank a very considerate boater who was driving a White with Green stripe Bullet Bass boat today. I had a large spread out of about 100 yards wide taking up most of the creek that I was fishing. He came around the corner about 60 mph and avoided my spread by running nearby the bank. Later on when he came back out of the creek he ran the other side of the creek that I was fishing on, again very courteous. It is nice to see a considerate boater out on the lake, they are few and far between but I would like to personally thank this guy for thinking of other fisherman. What a good world this would be if more boaters handled themselves like this man did!

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