Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Cloudy and rain, Water temperature 42* up and 47* mid lake.
Well now that hunting season is over I have to go back to work so I called Tony yesterday and invited him to go out with me for a couple hours to locate bait and fish again. I mainly wanted to drive around the lake checking out the water temps and color of the lake so we cruised for awhile, located some bait and kept about 80 baits to fish with this morning. My wife wanted two fish for dinner and Tony said he would like a fish diner so we decided to keep a couple today. I located some fish on our first set up and within 30 minutes we had caught enough for dinner and were already throwing fish back. We left that area so I could take clients out on it later in the week and hit 2 other areas this morning before deciding to get off the water before the hard rains hit. I am glad to be back out on the water again.

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