Sunday, January 29, 2012

Matt, Bob, Robert and Jay

Sunny, Windy and Cold, Water temperature 47*.
I got out early this morning, hung lights, caught bait and was ready to go before the crack of dawn. I knew the wind was going to blow and lately it has been an early morning bite so I was anxious to get as many fish in the boat before the bite was over and before we got blown off the lake. After putting my third board out we hooked up and landed a nice Striper. I almost got my spread of 11 boards, a bobber and 2 free lines out when 3 fish hooked up. We got 2 of the 3 in and were off to a good start. The wind was none existent, there were no boats around to disturb us and the guys were pumped. We continued to work a similar pattern until about 9 when the wind started to get up and the fishing slowed down. We had 8 or 9 fish in the box and the guys wanted more. After about an hour without a hit I decided to hit another area hoping to catch more fish but it was slow there also, bites were down to one every half hour or so. The wind was getting up by now and I knew anywhere I went I would have issues controlling the boat so I decided to stay in the area. The fishing was slow for the rest of the trip but we managed to boat 13 nice Stripers today. We all had fun today and the guys were able to take some nice fish home for the table.
It looks like the weather may warm a little this week and if the wind cooperates fishing should improve drastically.

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