Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jim and Tim

Sunny and Cold, Water temperature 44* and Clear.
Picked the guys up early this morning, caught 80 pieces of bait and went fishing. Due to the cold front blowing through yesterday I thought the Stripers may be deep so I set up over a deep flat with downlines where I was seeing a few fish set at 38 feet deep. We starting taking hits immediately but the fish were not taking the baits to eat them, they were simply killing the baits. I knew they were decent fish because I could see them on the Lowrance and after a dozen hits we had 3 fish hook up at once. The largest of the three was about 8 pounds. We worked deep flats for about 2 hours then I decided to go check some other places out. I looked while on the big motor for about an hour or so. I found a bunch of fish up on a hump in 22 feet of water with depths of 45 feet surrounding it so we put a couple downlines out only to catch punks. We got the baits in and looked a little more without seeing what I wanted to see. The wind was getting up pretty good so I decided to put out a spread of boards to see if the fish would eat over shallower water. We had only pulled about 200 yards when 3 boards over 20 feet of water hooked up. The guys reeled all of the Stripers and I turned around and hit it twice more without taking a hit. I then decided to hit another flat nearby and as we were over 48 feet of water we hooked up with the largest fish of the day, on a board, go figure! By now the wind was howling and the guys were getting uncomfortable. I hit one more area with downlines , caught a keeper and the guys were ready to call it a day. Today we landed 12 Stripers, had probably 30 hits and kept a few to take home for dinner tonight.
We are having front after front passing through keeping the Stripers pretty confused. Also the aftershocks we had yesterday didn't help thing much today. We have another front passing through tonight and yet another front passing through on Friday night. Hope the weather calms down soon.

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