Monday, June 25, 2012

Bob, Dennis, Jim and Jim Jr.

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 85* and Clear.
I caught 150 baits then picked the guys up at their dock at 5:30 am. I explained to them how to deploy the baits then set up on a small school hopefully to teach them how to put the baits out and reel a fish in. We stumbled a little and lost the school so I had them get the baits in and I located a huge school of Stripers. One of our other guides Tony was out so as we were setting up on this school I called Tony a couple of times urging him to come join in the action. We were actually on a school of fish that covered a minimum of 5 acres of water. Needless to say both boats had their way with the fish. As I would start to loose the school I would get aggressive and get back on my big motor to relocated the school. After doing this several times I finally lost the school. We found numerous smaller schools that we would work until we were out of bait around 8:15. I went and caught 200 more baits and looked for some more fish. Tony called me and said he had located a school about 5 miles from me so I headed his way at full throttle. I pulled up next to him but by now he had lost the school. He said it to was a huge school so I went one direction without locating it so I turned the boat around and headed back up the lake and found the school about 500 yards from where Tony last saw them. We attempted to get all our baits in the water but the fish would not tolerate a live bait around them, as soon as the bait hit the water we would hook up. After a minute or two I looked up at the front of the boat and Bob had 3 fish laying at his feet and Jim Jr. had 2 in the boat, meanwhile Jim and Dennis were engaged in the rear of the boat with their own action. I had called Tony up to the school but he had run out of bait so I called them over to my boat and gave them about 40 baits. They went through the baits also very quickly. We had our limit so we gave the other boat the rest of the baits then called it a morning. Today was a celebration of Jim Sr's 75th birthday and of the 50 years of marriage of Dennis to his bride. After I took the picture of the guys holding the fish I think they were going to call their wives to come down to the dock to clean all these fish!

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