Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Terry, Brian, Larry and Dan

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 84* and Clear.

We started off this morning with 175 baits looking for schools of Stripers. We looked for an hour without seeing a fish! I finally saw a few fish in 35 feet of water so I set the boat down, turned it 90* and saw about 50 on my side scan out about 80 feet to the right of the boat. This was our first set up and as usual it was a little difficult for some to get the baits out properly. The guys soon caught on and we started putting fish in the boat. We lost the school 3 or 4 times but I easily found it again and we continued work on the school. After about an hour we had gone through most of our baits so I went to catch more bait. I wanted to show Brian how to catch daytime Herring so we took about a half an hour setting up and throwing on schools of Herring. We caught about 120 more baits then took off in search of more schools. We saw scattered fish so we put out some trolling rods and started picking up fish again. Next thing I knew we went over a major school so we reeled our lines in and put out live bait on downlines. That is when the fun began. We could only get 1 bait in the water and before we could think of putting another bait out the first bait would get clobbered. For 30 minutes we spanked this school of fish, the whole time never getting all of our rods in the water. It was pure madness! Everyone was working so hard trying to reel in fish and trying to get at least another bait in the water but we just could not keep up. I looked up and there were 6 lines that needed baiting and I asked the guys if they would like to pull off of the school, let it be and go find another school. After a little deliberation we all decided we had enough fun and it would be best to leave that school alone.We left the school and fished for about 2 more hours trolling for Stripers. It was actually quite relaxing and fun trolling catching fish without the pressure that we went through on the previous school. Terry did not want to take any fish home so Brian kept 3 and Larry took home 8. A great day was had by all of us. These Lowrance screen shots were taken on a couple different schools we worked today.

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