Sunday, June 10, 2012

Patricia and Ed Frosch

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 81* and Clear
Guide Brian Mohr took Ed and Pat out yesterday on the lake to catch Stripers. Brian located a huge school of over a thousand Stripers and attempted to set up on them with downlines. He could only get 4 or 5 lines in the water before the bait would get clobbered. After taking about 30 hits and boating about 10 Stripers his clients realized they had to go back to the marina, so Brian had to leave the feeding Stripers and take them back. By the time he returned back to the area where the school was it had moved. They decided to troll while looking for schools but could only put out 2 rods because with only 2 anglers on board when you get multiple hookups there has to be people to man the rods. Brian located another huge school and tried to put downlines on the fish but the action was too intense for just 2 anglers to handle again. They had fish on constantly but could not keep up with the action. Eventually Brian could not keep baits in the water and the school dissipated.
This time of year it is imperative to have at least 4 anglers on the boat to keep up with the action. We want to have out 10 downlines when we locate the schools so we can show a "school" of bait to hold the Stripers in the area. Two anglers simply can not keep up with the action. Ed and Pat accepted the challenge and caught about 30 Stripers before the weekend boat traffic took its toll. Patricia sent me an email commending Brian and thanking us for a great fishing trip.

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