Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Whalings...Bailey, Amy, Jacob, Jamie and Alexis

Sunny and Hot, Water temperature 80* and Clear.
I caught 150 baits this morning then went to the marina to pick up Jamie and his family. As I left the marina I explained to them how to deploy the baits and how to reel in the fish. We then proceeded to look for Schools of Stripers. Within 10 minutes I located what I wanted to see so we set up on the fish. Before we could get all the baits in the water we started taking hits. They must have listened to me pretty well when I told them how to put the baits out because they were extremely proficient and their results showed it. We found and fished 5 or 6 schools of Stripers and had to catch more bait. We looked for and found more Stripers and fished till we ran completely out of bait. We went through 300 baits today catching between 80 and 90 Stripers and about 20 Catfish. Alexis caught a Largemouth bass also. This family came to fish and they did an excellent job today.

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