Saturday, April 06, 2013

Hilltop Consultants

Mike, Randy, Paul, Joseph, Ashu, Jim Turner, Diane, Nain, Bob and Sal

$100 Big Fish winner Nain


Cold and windy morning, Water Temperature 50* and Clear
Jim Turner wanted to take his company out on a fishing trip on Lake Anna so DP and myself met them at the marina this morning, divided the group up and made the cold run to catch bait. We both caught bait relatively easy and were able to start fishing by 7. I had only gotten 3 baits out when Nain hooked up and landed the big fish of the day. Before I could get all my baits out the wind got up out of the north and made it quite uncomfortable for my group where we were fishing. Dp's group could not feel the cold, probably due to the Beer they were putting away plus all the fish they were catching were keeping them warm. The bite was fairly steady for a couple hours then slowed for an hour mid morning. DP got on some nice fish around 11 then we all met back at the marina at noon to see who won the big fish contest. There was a lot of trash talk going around but in the end Nain topped Paul's fish by a couple pounds. Even though it was cold for some this morning it was a fun time for all of us.


Jim Turner said...

Thanks Jim! We had a great time yesterday. I was happy to share the Lake Anna experience with my team.

I have posted additional pictures on our Facebook page.

Michael Young said...

Thanks Jim for the fun trip and the fishing tips that you provided to us during our boat trip. It was great to meet you and the trip was a lot of fun.