Thursday, April 04, 2013

Josh, Mike, Jonathon, James and Josh

Cold and Cloudy, Water Temperature 48* and Clear
I got up this morning and went outside to start my truck and it was 25 degrees! I picked the guys up at High Point at 6:15 and headed out to catch bait. After about 5 throws we had over 70 baits and we were ready to go fishing. I set out a spread of boards and a bobber pulling shallow flats. It was hard to walk in the boat because the deck was a sheet of ice. We worked an area for over 2 hours only to catch 1 keeper. The water temp had fallen overnight and I knew it hurt the bite. We made a move to catch more bait and set up in a different area. We worked it for the rest of the day taking hits about once every 15 minutes or so. The Stripers were off today, We caught 9 keepers and a punk, along with a dozen Catfish and a Crappie. We had a lot of fun today and it sure was nice not to have to fight the wind.
I expect the fishing to explode next week, I am seeing temperatures well into the seventies by mid week. The Stripers will feed heavily and start their spawn. 'Tis the season for catching Big Stripers!

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