Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Lane Technology Inc.

Johnny, Joey, James, Brian and Donnie
Sunny and warm, Water temperature 65* and Clear.
I met the guys at High Point at 6 and took off to catch bait. Bait had moved because the lake temperature had risen 15* in 2 days! It was certainly nice not to have ice on the deck this morning. Bait collection was a little tough, last week I would make 3 throws for 70 to 80 baits, today I looked for about 30 minutes till I found enough to throw on then had to cast a dozen times or so. We ran back downlake and put out a spread pulling flats and points for about a mile only to catch one fish. We moved to a different area and put out 25 baits and before long we started hooking up. We hit a stretch where we would take hits every five minutes or so and worked it for an hour till we went through 50 baits. I hated to leave to catch more bait because the fish were feeding and as luck would have it after catching bait we hit the same area only to catch a dozen catfish.We eventually made one final move to the splits and caught 5 or 6 more Stripers before running completely out of bait again. Today we caught 12 Stripers, 12 Catfish and lost another dozen Stripers. The water temperature has change so drastically it may take a day or two for the Stripers to adjust, but once they do the game is on.

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