Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Daren, Brad and Dale Roop
Sunny, cold in the morning , Water temperature 66* and clear.
Today I got out early and caught bait so that we could have our spread out at first light. I caught the bait but one of the guys was late because he had to work till after 2 last night. We started to put our spread out around 6 but it was already too late, I could only get a bait or two out before it got hit. [I wanted to have 15 lines in the water so when the fish turned on we could have numerous hook-ups] We had constant action for about an hour, that is when I finally got all my rods baited. We hit areas nearby and picked up a few fish but the major feed was over. I set up over a few more areas before I had to take William back early to the dock so he could go to the airport. I popped a quick picture of him with a few fish, threw the fish in a cooler and sent him down the road. We went back out but our good luck charm had left us, seemed William on board was the key to catching fish. We fished different areas for 4 more hours only to catch punks and a few keepers. At 2 I decided to look for some fish in a different area and the move paid off. We had to get off the water by 3 and we had about 35 baits left. We baited our hooks and the madness began. For the next hour we had constant hook-ups and used every single bait in our tanks. We got back to the dock and snapped a quick picture of the guys holding a couple of fish each from the livewell then they had to rush off. Today we caught over 40 Stripers and a few catfish. The cold front had positioned the fish out near or over the channel today making it difficult to catch everything we saw on my Lowrance. Daren is pictured holding a couple of the fish we caught early this morning.

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