Friday, May 10, 2013

Steve, Bill, Steve and Brad

Sunny, Warm,  Water Temperature 70* and stained.
I got out early to catch bait then picked the guys up at 5:30 at the dock. I threw for another 45 minutes till I had the baits I needed then we went fishing. I set out a spread of boards pulling flats and right away we had 5 or 6 fish rise our baits and swirl them numerous times but never hooked up. After a couple hundred yards with out a fish I moved out just a little deeper and we put 4 or 5 fish in the boat within a couple minutes. We worked that pattern for a while then went and caught more bait. We set up fishing yet another pattern and everything we had out started taking hits. After 15 minutes I had to retie some rods and rebated everything and hit it again. We had a great day catching well over 20 Stripers, a Bass and a few Kitties. Today was a celebration of Bill's birthday, his loving wife Joan had bought this trip for him as a surprise birthday gift.

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