Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tires Unlimited

 Billy, Bill, Larry and Floyd
Billy...20 inch  Bass
Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 70*and Clear.
I got out very early and caught bait then picked up my clients at 5:15 at High Point. We made a short run and I put out a set of 10 planner boards and 6 or 8 downlines pulling flats. We had an earthquake yesterday and I was wondering if it would affect the fishing today like it did a couple years ago. [When we had the earthquake and aftershocks we would only catch half the fish that we were normally catching.] I put my boards up on the bank expecting to catch the fish shallow but we only took a couple hit the first 20 minutes of the morning but when I pulled out a little deeper we started getting Jammed. The guys didn't expect that kind of action and they were quite shell-shocked by 7:10 this morning. We had taken 100 hits and put over 30 fish in the boat! Our boating ratios were down because we had a clown on the boat today that thought he could do it his way. After loosing too many fish to count and knocking the largest fish of the day off his sons hook with the net he settled down somewhat resulting in us landing more fish. We left at 7:20 and looked for some more fish and bait then picked up Bill at the docks around 8. We fished the rest of the day but never had the kind of action that we had in the morning. It sure was a lot of fun for all of us today, we boated well over 50 Stripers, a couple Bass and a few Catfish.

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