Thursday, November 21, 2013

Georgeous Day on the Water

DP and Billy
Cloudy and Cold, Water Temperature 51* and Clear
DP took off work a little early today so we went out for an afternoon of Striper catching.  The weather was perfect for fishing for Stripers, cloudy and cold. After spending a couple hours catching the right bait we set out a spread of boards and pulled them for about an hour taking a dozen hits but boating only 3. DP and I decided to discard all the baits on the lines, go catch some more and relocate which we did. The move paid off immediately. We had almost got all of our baits out when the action started and it was tough to keep up with the fish. We had four or five hookups over a rock pile but instead of turning around and hitting it again we simply kept going. We had steady action for 2 hours straight, constantly baiting and reeling in fish. We kept the first dozen and threw back all the other fish we were catching. It is hard to tell by this picture but these were some very nice Stripers. This stringer weighed over 80 pounds! This was a special day for Billy, he played hooky this afternoon from work [ Tires Unlimited ] and enjoyed his 52nd birthday on the water reeling in fish. His shoulder and arms were burning the last 6 or 8 fish that he reeled in. Billy will definitely remember this birthday. 

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