Thursday, November 07, 2013

Jerry and Michael Logan

Cloudy and Warm, Water Temperature 58* and Clear.
Today felt like a special day. Being cloudy and the weatherman calling for rain I expected boat traffic to be minimal but the sweet thing that happened today was that we had a tank full of bait before daylight which would allow us to be fishing at the crack of dawn. We put out a spread of baits and started taking hits immediately. The action continued for about 3 hours then the wind turned from the SW to the NW. Well you might as well been fishing with no bait on your hook because the fish turned off and would only roll the baits, they were still there but not eating. It didn't matter much because we had our limit and wanted to get in before the rain hit. Jerry has been watching my posts on this journal and was dieing to get out and try it so today was a special treat for him to catch Stripers on Lake Anna with his son Michael.

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