Monday, November 11, 2013

Jim Woodbridge and Ed Foreman

Sunny and Cool, Water Temperature 56* and Clear.
We threw for bait this morning for about 2 hours before we had enough baits to start fishing. We put out a spread of boards working ledges and took 3 or 4 quick hits. We kept on going taking strikes but the fish were not very aggressive so we would only hook up with about half of them. We decided to go catch some more bait which was a mistake. After throwing for about an hour we hung up two nets and ended up having to leave them in the lake. We took what we had and set up in a different area pulling shallow flats but after an hour with only one fish we had to go. Again we caught more bait and I set up nearby where we caught the bait. The bait was the right size and the fish could not resist them. Within 30 minutes we had more action than we did the whole day. Jim and Ed had been out with me many times and had been patient throughout the day knowing what could happen and it did. It ended out being a great day on the water with some good old clients.

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