Friday, November 08, 2013

Nice to see this when fishing for Stripers

 This is a school of Stripers [the wide arches] that had surrounded a school of Gizzard Shad [the smaller dashes in the middle of the blue down scan screen] and were feeding aggressively.
Here we have school of bait up on a point with Stripers feeding just off of the drop off. The Stripers eventually moved up onto the point and chased the bait up onto the surface busting bait in about a half acre area. We banged them on planner boards here.
This is a picture of us throwing for bait. The left screen shows Large Gizzard shad. Side scan [upper right] shows the bait better on the right side because the net is falling down and into Giz on the left side spooking some of the bait. The net can be seen with bait inside of it on the center left side of the side scan and 16 to 22 feet deep on the down scan. This also demonstrates how a net collapses as it falls. When the net hit the water it was fully open [10' radius opened to 20 foot circle] then as it falls the weights sink faster than the material causing the net to collapse. If you had a longer rope the net would eventually close completely, making catching bait in deep water very difficult.

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