Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Great Day on the Water

 Chris, Brian, Roger, Harold and Terry
Sunny in the morning turning cloudy, Water Temps 38* to 45* 
Brian and I got out real early this morning and caught a beautiful tank of bait then picked the guys up at the crack of dawn at their dock. We set up a spread of boards and pulled some shallow flats early down lake with little success so after about an hour we made a move. We hit another area working depths from 10 to 40 feet deep taking a few hits and catching 3 Stripers and a bunch of Bass. That wasn't getting it so I decided to make yet another move to another area. As we were setting out the baits I reminded the guys that when one line gets hit it is very likely many will take hits. Two minutes latter everyone on board was reeling in Stripers. After boating the fish and the guys regaining their composure we baited up again and hit the same area. Ditto....every rod hooked up again. The guys were digging this and so was I. We rebaited and I pulled our baits over the area again but doubting if we would have that kind of action on the third pass. We had broke off and lost some nice fish on the first two passes and I knew the fish would not tolerate this kind of pressure. We hooked up with 3 or 4 more Stripers then but the Stripers had enough and vacated the area. By now the wind had got up and we were down to a couple dozen baits so we went and loaded the tank up again and pulled an area out of the wind for about a mile with little success. I told the guys to get the baits in because I wanted to fish an area where I knew fish were regardless of the wind. We set out another spread and popped 4 or 5 real quick. I kept on going and hit 2 other areas where we had plenty of action. Today we had a lot of action. We caught 25 Stripers keeping 18 and caught and released 6 or 8 Bass. Everyone had fun today and will take home some good memories and plenty of fish for the table.

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